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Of course, Joy is WAY too modest to ever write something about herself — so at the encouragement of friends and family — I am going to brag about Joy to you.

First of all — to know her is to love her. Honestly, I‘ve never met anyone that hasn‘t loved their association with Joy. One of the hardest thing for people to comprehend is — "Yes, she really is that nice!" And it not just an in-your-face kind of nice — she really, genuinely likes people and her association with them.

Joy‘s love for food definitely is inborn. Joy was born in Provo, Utah where her father worked at a local restaurant. They later transferred to the wind-swept plains of Cheyenne, Wyoming where her dad continued to work as a restaurant manager. When the opportunity came up for them to move back to Utah, the Adairs jumped at the chance — and Joy‘s family moved to Logan, Utah to manage another restaurant there.

Joy literally grew up at the feet of her father, cooking, baking, and creating food for others. Her mom and dad taught her from her youth a love for good food. There is literally nothing that brings her more "joy" than that — to mix up a delectable treat for all to enjoy.

Joy has an innate ability to remember food. Like remembering a long lost friend, she can recall a whole day‘s events if she can remember what she had to eat that day. Think, I‘m kidding? Just test her. If you‘ve ever had a meal with Joy — she can remember the whole outing if she can remember what was on the menu.

Beyond food, Joy is the beautiful mother of four (almost) children and a childish husband. She loves guiding and playing with our children — and teaching them new and important things. She is a spiritual giant who loves keeping a comfortable, tidy home where anyone is welcome at any time - and she will likely try to feed you something while you are here.

So thanks for taking a minute to get to know our Joy. We hope you‘re inspired to love food and love the art of cooking as much as she does.